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Well, I’ve moved from blogger to this site. For you die hard fans, you may have noticed the url is now spelled properly. For the shoebies- when I made the blogger account I originally keyed in the wrong letters, spelling it “worthess”. Heres the old post so you can get up to speed (aka dead stop).

WorthlessthanWORTHLESS was not taken. I’m just a cockazoid that is so obsessed with screen resolutions that everything is so fucking small I can’t even see what I’m typing anymore. I refuse to change it, and not because I can’t but because fuck you. Okay, so this is a “blog” but I won’t call it a blog because the word blog reminds me of the word booger and I hate boogers. Not just the sight of a booger, but the thought that I have a booger inside of me bothers me to a degree slightly below who gives a shit. Instead, I’ll call it a website. Makes me sound professional and it makes you sound like my customer. Which gets me thinking- if you give me a dollar and I can get a million people to see this I’ll be a millionaire. Actually, I have a good 9 bucks laying around, so all I need is 999,991 people to give me a dollar. I willn’t (word I just made up) proofread my entry because I don’t like to read- not even if I wrote it. I’ll stop now because I want to.