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WordPress and Neutron Stars

I hate how this website says “Howdy, [username]”. I know cowboys are supposed to be cool, and maybe a billion years ago they were but in 2011 they come off as a bit gay to me. Not to say you can’t be cool if your gay, but the fact that it’s a computer tells me it’s not gay, and it’s trying to be something it’s not which is not cool.  I hate when “they” try to give computers personalities. I’ve only met a handful of people who actually have decent personalities; we don’t need any more sucky things with personalities.

Okay, onto what I want to talk about. Science. I still hear people say “I can’t believe Pluto isn’t a planet anymore”. I’ve never given enough of a shit about Pluto to care whether it was a planet or a fruit, but it got me thinking: why isn’t it a planet anymore? Well, I looked into it. Technically, it’s a plutoid, which sounds too stupid to be true and it almost is. A plutoid is a trans neptunian object,  which is a minor planet in our solar system that orbits the sun and that is further than Neptune. Well, it turns out theres a bunch of these objects. They found another one they called Eris, which is bigger and more massive than Pluto. Get this- at first they called it the 10th planet. Than, all of a sudden, it’s not a planet and neither is pluto.  Just like that, everything we know changes.

It’s actually quite funny, all the crap we can’t physically see is pretty much a wild guess. The more technical shit gets, the higher the probability it’s complete bullshit. We can see a body, and we can see organs, so the science behind that is pretty solid. Using a microscope, we can see cells and shit so we know a good amount about them too. It’s when you go smaller that the shit becomes harder to pick out from the ice cream- the atom. We don’t know balls about the atom.  We can’t see inside of it, thus we don’t know what the fuck is inside of it. What we did do is bitch slap an atom with another one moving at pretty much the speed of light (in a particle accelerator, like the large hadron collider) and watched it explode. If it exploded, it must be built of smaller bits of shit. So, we called the smaller shits quarks and that’s that. That type of guesswork make facts about other shit like “Neutrinos are trillions of times smaller than atoms” that much harder for me to believe. How can you look somebody in the face and tell them there is something that exists that is a TRILLION times smaller than something else we don’t fucking understand yet?

“if you took the entire empire state building and compressed it into a grain of salt, it wouldn’t even be half the mass of a grain of a neutron star. If you dropped this grain onto the Earth, it would cut right through the entire planet like a knife through butter”. Heavy. My point is- how the fuck do we know this? We can’t see it, and like I said anything we can’t see is up in the air. I looked it up, the closest neutron star is anywhere between 250 and 1000 lightyears away. If we can’t even locate it without a 750 lightyear range of error, how could we possibly know how massive it is? By the way, 750 lightyears is 4,408,969,029,887,706 miles, or roughly 4 quadrillion miles. Maybe the mass is 4 quadrillion times less and the grain would float in my bathtub.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering these are all theories. Than again, the whole concept of a cell is a theory. I’m discontent with the fact that the cell is a theory in the same sense in which there is an unseen 9th planet (obviously not including dumb ass plutoids) three times bigger than Jupiter called Tyre that is riding the edge of our solar system. Fuck theories. And fuck Plutoids.