Three Drafts

I need to learn the alphabet. I mean, yeah I can reiterate it, but that’s pretty much the only way I can draw them from memory. I have to either start at A, or L. L is easy to start from because of elemeno, which is probably the most fun word to say. Start with a lame letter like K and I’m fucked. In the end I guess it doesn’t matter, I’ll never be as good as a computer.

I heard somewhere on the boob tube that computers have the computing capacity of a lizards brain. Growing up, I had a lizard. I named him Yoshi, and we were tight as fuck. Yoshi got sick, and we brought him to the vet. The vet said SHE had cancer, and she died like two minutes later. I admit, finding out it was a girl was for some reason disappointing to me- but I still loved that thing and was devastated that it died.  Now that I’ve convinced you that I’m not biased: that lizard didn’t do one fucking thing the entire time it was alive. There’s nothing a lizard can do better than me.

I just went back and read all the posts that I’ve made for this website and looking back, I feel like I put more work into this than I actually did. Than again, listening to dubstep in bed while writing useless nothings doesn’t really constitute as work. Either way, I’m not satisfied.

I found those three paragraphs while sifting through the drafts folder of this website. I was too lazy to finish them, and now I’m too lazy to make an original post.


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