Humus and Fish

I’m eating humus with pita and fish. Humus followed by fish, not fish infused with humus- that shit’s just gross. This meal makes me feel Mediterranean. It’s all traditional arabic ingredients. Too bad it was all made by machines. I’m at a crucial point in the eating of my meal right now- I don’t know if I want any more humus. If I continue and eat the fish, I won’t be able to turn back and eat more humus because it’ll taste gross and fishy. This is my life.

A whole slew of shit happened today. You won’t hear much about anything because all the networks are constantly airing shit about this earthquake in Japan. It’s sad and I don’t want to hear about this bullshit. Houses falling down and flooding is not cool to me. Something that is cool: the iPad 2 came out today. Sales are probably going to be a bit sluggish with Japan out of the mix. Even though they are  super devoted to electronics, I doubt they have electricity. Maybe if it had the retina display, it’d get them swimming to the apple store.

In other news, I got today and tomorrow off from work. I’m actually really happy about that; theres this big training event that I would have to push like a mother fucker if I were working. Now, I’ll be returning next weekend after the bullshit has passed and I can continue doing absolutely nothing at work. It would have been nice to get the extra hours in, but I’ll be bitching about that next week when the paycheck is pretty much 0 dollars. I pay weekly for my benefits; I wonder what happens when I don’t work at all and theres nothing for them to take the money from. Whatever, fuck them… They don’t even give me a straight answer as to where I can go to get shit done. Pure evil, those people.


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