Big Brother

Facebook just got a whole shit ton creepier.

First, they offered me an email address, which basically let’s non facebook users to send you messages. It’s more of a facebook message than an email, but you can add attachments. That’s really cool- if I’m taking to somebody and want to send them a picture I usually resort to email on the side. Now, I don’t have to. After chatting for a few minutes, I noticed a little box in the chat dialogue. It brought up my messages between that person- and it had all of our chat logged in it. It appears now whenever you chat with someone, your actually sending them an “email” and everything is logged. I looked through my messages and it has my last two days of chats logged. Next time Facebook, ask me. Or at least let me turn this fucking thing off. It would also be cooler if allowed me to pick my email address instead of using my

The new button takes you to your messages/chat logs with that person

I get what they are doing; they are trying to eliminate email. In a perfect world, that would be great. Someones email would actually be connected to another person, so you knew exactly who you were sending something to and they would know who you are. In other words, no more spam. If you did want to spam me, I’d know exactly who you are and could easily find your home and rip your wife in half. Also, some people just never check their email but yet they are on Facebook all day. It’d be a one stop shop but with shit that’s actually useful.

I don’t like how chats are thrown into the mix. There are certain people I talk to everyday; finding something they send me a month ago would take forever. Specially with Facebook’s dumb ass idea of scrolling. They really need to learn how to have page numbers rather than making you scroll to the top and wait and have the next paid load, over and over again. Chat logs are personal stuff, having them one click away makes it way too easy to spy on people when they leave themselves logged into someone else’s computer. I’m not against logged chats; I love that and used to Meebo solely for that reason. It should just be in a different location and be password protected. That’s how I would do it if I were in charge. I would also put the paperclip/attachment icon inside the chat window, and have instant messages with attachments sent to the messages folder. The way they have it is just a little too much integration for me. Usually, when Facebook adds new features they don’t let go of them. I guess we’d better get used to it.

“Fuck Facebook. In the face.”


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